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Cigarette Smokers, Tobacco Life Insurance

All life insurance companies but a select few will quote smoker rates regardless if you smoke cigarettes, cigars, chew tobacco, or nicorette gum etc. The few life insurance companies that will offer non-smoker rates to alternate tobacco users other than cigarettes can save you 50%-100% in cost. Some are aggressive to the extent where Preferred Plus and Preferred non-smoker rates are available as long as you medically quality. It is important to deal with an agent that is aware of the different outlets for economic reasons as pointed out.

For light cigarette smokers, there is a life insurance companies that will offer a non-smoker rate. This is extremely competitive to the extent no other carrier will consider this. This is a great opportunity for those of you who smoker on occasion.

The life insurance industry views your health habits as a key factor in determining your cardiovascular risk. In fact, you may be able to bring your blood pressure readings into a safe range simply by making changes in your lifestyle. Doctors have long known that smoking promotes heart disease, but for a long time smoking didn't appear to have a direct connection to hypertension. Observations have revealed a crucial link that earlier studies missed because blood pressure is generally measured in doctors' offices and clinics, where smoking is prohibited.

When researchers tested blood pressure while people smoked, they discovered that within five minutes of lighting up, the subjects' systolic pressures rose dramatically - more than 20 mm Hg, on average - before gradually declining to their original levels over the next 30 minutes. This means the typical smoker's blood pressure soars many times throughout the day. Like people with labile hypertension (in which blood pressure may jump frequently in response to daily stresses), smokers may suffer "part-time" hypertension. For example, smokers with a prehypertensive reading of less than 140/90 mm Hg may actually have stage 1 hypertension every time they puff a cigarette.

This increase occurs because nicotine, whether smoked or chewed, constricts small blood vessels, forcing the heart to work harder to circulate blood. As a result, the heart speeds up and blood pressure rises. Nicotine also interferes with some antihypertensive drugs, most notably beta blockers. The chemicals in tobacco smoke raise heart disease risk in other ways, too. They can reduce the body's oxygen supply, lower levels of HDL ("good") cholesterol, and make blood platelets more likely to stick together and form clots that can trigger a heart attack. Just because you smoke or use tobacco does not mean life insurance is not affordable. You have options and need to review with an agent experieced in finding smokers the best term life insurance quotes available.

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