Pilot's Term Life Insurance - Fly with Confidence & Security

  • Pays off on aviation related deaths
  • Costs up to 50% less than other carriers
  • Uniquely tailored to each pilot
  • Numerous carrier policies to choose from
  • 30 years securing pilots life insurance policies
  • AOPA Foundation Supporter
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Pilot's Term Life Insurance

Did you know that most life insurance companies will either charge significantly higher premiums or exclude aviation coverage all together if you are a private or corporate pilot? Our relationships with the key underwriters at the right insurance carriers helps ensure that even pilots get the best possible rates and that they are evaluated as individuals, rather than as statistics. Do not overpay for life insurance just because you fly. We have top rated insurers that will offer their best premium rates to IFR and VFR private pilots that medically qualify. We have 30 years of experience helping pilots find the best rates to protect their families. You will fly high with our great aviation rates so call or email us now or visit our special web site dedicated to pilots, www.mypilotinsurance.com. We also donate to the AOPA Foundation and advertise with them as well.