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High Cholesterol & Life Insurance

Life insurance companies have different guidelines set to determine your rate class based on cholesterol levels. Most life insurance companies will penalize you for being treated for high cholesterol. The important appeal is to work with an agent that understands which carrier will be best suited for your medical history. One insurance company in particular will offer Preferred plus rates with a total cholesterol of 240 and an hdl ratio not to exceed 5.0 with or without treatment. Most carriers guidelines read between 210-220 without treatment and not to exceed 5.0 on the hdl ratio. Some insurance companies are at 4.5 on the hdl ratio. If you struggle with your cholesterol levels, we have found that instant regular oatmeal is a good alternative measure to lower cholesterol and a very good antioxidant.

Most people's bodies already make more cholesterol than they need, and they could stand to cut back on foods that boost cholesterol levels, such as those high in saturated fats and trans fats, although there are exceptions to this rule.

Regardless of its source, excess LDL in your blood gets deposited in the walls of your arteries, the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to your heart and brain. The accumulation of LDL causes a narrowing and instability in the artery walls, which ultimately can lead to heart attacks and strokes.

What is a healthy cholesterol level? You may think you know the answer but even the experts are not entirely sure. As recently as 2004, a government panel changed the national cholesterol guidelines, proposing a lower target for people with a very high to moderately high heart disease risk than it had established three years earlier. The changes were based on the findings of five major heart disease prevention studies showing that the risk of heart disease decreases even as LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels drop below what was previously considered optimal.

Despite this downward trend, it's a myth that the healthiest cholesterol level is zero. Your body needs cholesterol. Men can't produce testosterone without it, and women can't produce estrogen. Your intestines can't digest food without cholesterol, and your cells can't create their outside coating, or plasma membrane. So, cholesterol isn't bad; it's an important biological component. What is bad is having too much and carrying it in the bloodstream in particles that deposit it in the wrong places.

Just what level of cholesterol is healthy for you, and how can you achieve it? The National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) has created guidelines that give you an easy, step-by-step method to evaluate your risk of heart disease, set your cholesterol goal, and take the steps you need to achieve it.

High cholesterol affects about 18% of Americans ages 20-74, and atherosclerotic heart disease is the single leading cause of death and disability in the developed world. The good news is that for most people, heart disease is preventable if you live a heart-healthy lifestyle to lower your LDL cholesterol. Exercising and eating a diet low in saturated and trans fats can help you go a long way toward reaching that goal. If you need more help, effective medications can take you the rest of the way. Also high cholesterol does not have to stop you from getting term life insurance at an affordable rates. Be sure to search for the best quote and insurance company given your health situation.For a free online quote, please fill out the short form below.

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